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Your construction site depends on power to keep your tools and equipment running at all times. Our temporary supply poles can keep the current flowing. We provide Domestic, Commercial or Three Phase power to your site for a minimum hire period of 14 weeks. We can organise for connection overhead or underground, depending on what you have available on your site.

All of our installations are professionally inspected and tested by an independent electrical inspector and then supplied with a Certificate of Electrical Safety. After the inspection, we will supply the certificate together with an Electrical Works Request for you to apply to your chosen retailer to get your service connected. Alternatively, you can choose to have us apply for the connection on your behalf via Origin Energy^.

* If and only if an underground pit is already installed.
^ Administration fees apply if Eagle Hire submit the application on your behalf.

Things to consider
  • Clear and unhindered access to the site is required throughout the duration of the installation, connection, disconnection and meter reading processes.
  • Pole installs require a 900mm deep hole. Having a marked/staked out preferred position for the pole will help us to avoid underground services such as water/gas/phone lines.
  • Installs are performed by a 1 Tonne ute with a crane to help lift the pole into position, please ensure adequate room is available on your site.
  • For underground installations we will trench up to 1 meter away from the pit. If you require your pole to be further away from the pit we ask that you arrange trenching from the point of required installation back to the pit. If we are required to utilise the services of a third party, or hire equipment to allow us to complete an installation on a building site, all costs will be forwarded to you, the client.
  • The service cable from the Supply Authority street pole to the temporary supply pole must not cross a neighbouring property.
  • The Supply Authority will not connect to a temporary builders pole unless 2 support stays are installed.
    The radius of the support stays are 2 metres from the base of the pole. The temporary builders pole and 2 support stays must be placed inside the work site property boundary and comply with Energy Safe Victoria’s Guidelines. DO NOT tamper with any part of a pole installation once completed.
  • There is a 3 metre ‘exclusion zone’ around a pole. If any scaffolding, roofing or any part of a construction needs to be inside the ‘exclusion zone’, it is the customers responsibility to obtain a permit from the Supply Authority to occupy this area.
  • Wet weather can restrict access to a site and can delay installation and removal of poles.
  • It is the Site Supervisors responsibility to advise us when the cables are disconnected from the temporary builders pole and the meter removed from the meter box so that we can arrange to finish the hire and pick up the pole.


Builders Temporary Supply Pole

40 Amps – Single Phase

GPO’s: 2 x 10 Amp


Builders Temporary Supply Pole

80 Amps – Single Phase

GPO’s: 2 x 10 Amp, 1 x 15 Amp

Three Phase

Builders Temporary Supply Pole

40 or 63 Amps Per Phase

GPO’s: We leave this empty so that you can configure as per your site requirements.

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