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What time will my items arrive?

Deliveries are generally completed in the morning, and pickups in the afternoon. All jobs are usually completed by 3pm on any given day.
Unfortunately, we are unable to book an exact time with you.

What if my site is locked?
If you intend on locking your site, you will need to provide us with access.

If you order a toilet with us, we also include monthly servicing and will need access to your site throughout your contract with us. We suggest you use a combination lock and provide us with the code.

If you are ordering a power pole, be aware that the power distributor will not contact you for access. You MUST use a Victorian Power Industry Lock or leave your site unlocked.

Locking your site without ensuring your contractors have access can result in wasted truck fees. If you are not sure, call us.

What happens after the the minimum hire period?
We leave it up to you to let us know when you are finished with our items. When the hire period is up, you will begin receiving monthly invoices for your hire items up until you let us know you want your items picked up.
Why is fortnightly servicing of toilets not offered?
While we understand you want your toilet to be pristine, we adhere to the WorkSafe regulations of monthly servicing. We can organise additional servicing for you on request, but we do charge extra for this.
Do you do party/event hire?
While we have in the past, we are not currently equipped to handle event or party hire. We suggest googling party/event hire and finding a company who are well equipped for this.
What are the lead times for services?
Our current lead times are as follows*:
Deliveries and pickups: 1-5 business days
Servicing and fixes: 1-3 business days
Power connection: 20 business days from installation

*These lead times are a general guide and are subject to change, please contact us for the most up to date information

What does clear access mean?

If you have requested that we attend your site, we expect there to be no obstructions on our arrival. Our trucks require at least 3 meter wide access and we need to be able to use a crane. This means no obstruction from bushes, trees, trenches, vehicles blocking access etc.
Our contractors should not be expected to call you on arrival and they should not be expected to install items on council property without clear and written instruction from you. If unsuccessful with delivery, we will charge a callout fee for the wasted time.

If you are unsure about having clear access on your site, please let us know before we attend. We are happy discuss alternative access options for unusual circumstances.

Where do you deliver?
You can view our delivery zones using this map
How does charging/invoicing work?
Every contract has a minimum hire period. This may be 10 weeks, 14 weeks or 26 weeks. When your minimum hire period is finished, you will begin to receive invoices every 4 weeks until you advise that you are ready for your items to be collected.

We stop charging you hire on the day you requested pick up. That means if you call today and ask for a pick up ASAP, your charges stop today. If you request a booking in advance, we stop charging on the booking date. That means if you call today and ask for a pick up next month, your charges will stop next month.

You will receive a final invoice for the hire on return of our hire item. If loss or damage fees are incurred, these will be on a separate invoice that you will also see upon return of our hire item.

Additional invoices you may receive during your hire are if you request extra visits to site, ie. restand, fix, toilet service.

When do I pay?

For new customers, we require payment up front before delivery. This up-front payment will be applied to your first invoice. You will still receive an invoice for your records.

For everything else, if you have invoices owing, you will receive a monthly statement of your account. You are expected to pay the statement within 30 days of receiving it.

Please note that you are not expected to make payments on invoices. We suggest waiting for your statement to ensure you know what is owing and what has already been paid.

Power Poles

Can I have more than one connection on my property?

No. A request for abolishment of the existing connection must be submitted to the electricity distributor in your area.

Who is the electricity distributor in my area?

You can find out here

How do I know how which pole to choose?

You will need to discuss this with an electrician who knows your site and project. We are unable to advise or make the decision for you. You must make a decision on how much power you need before you can place your order with us.

How do I know if we need to connect overhead or underground?

There are many different factors that can determine the type of connection available to your property.  We are happy to discuss this with you; however, it is best to refer to the distributor for your area to ensure compliance.

Can Eagle Hire assist with group metering or CT metering?

No.  Our poles can only connect to an overhead service on the street.  If you need more information, it is best to speak with a licensed electrician who knows your site and your project, or the distributor for your area to ensure compliance.

Why is my pole missing power outlets?
We understand that every site has different needs. It is for this reason that we only provide basic outlets for Domestic and Commercial poles. We leave the rest up to you to customise however you want to. Three-Phase poles do not come with any outlets because they can be wired in many different ways. It is best to speak to an electrician who knows your site and project, and organise for them to wire as needed.
Are there rules on where my pole can be installed?

 Yes. All of the different electricity distributors are very particular on the location of any electricity that is supplying your site. You must adhere to their guidelines and if you are not aware of what they are, consult with your distributor directly. In some circumstances, you can request that a compliance officer attend your site and advise you of your options. 

Can Eagle Hire help me connect my pole?
Yes. We only work with Origin Energy, and we charge an admin fee for submitting the application on your behalf. The power still goes into your name, and you will receive separate bills from Origin. If you would like to avoid the admin fee, let us know and we can give you the forms to submit to a retailer of your choosing.
What do I do when I am finished with the pole?
Contact your energy retailer to organise an ABOLISHMENT of the temporary meter on the power pole. Once the abolishment has been physically completed, you should contact us to off-hire and pick up your power pole.

NOTE: We cannot accept tentative bookings as distributors regularly amend appointments.

TIP: Sometimes, when you order a new permanent connection to the property, the temporary meter will be abolished by the retailer. It is best to let your retailer know if you have a temporary meter to be abolished at the same time as a new connection as this will save you an expensive truck visit from the distributor.

Do you know when my pole has been disconnected?
No. You are our only source of information regarding this. This is because the electricity account is in your name and we have no authority with any retailer to obtain this information on your behalf. It is important that you let us know when the disconnection has been completed so we can stop our hire charges and pick up the pole.
How do I know my pole has been disconnected?
An abolishment can take around 4 weeks (depending on the distributor in your area). You will know the pole has been abolished when there is no meter in the box and there are no cables going to the pole from the street/pit. You should carefully check this before requesting a pick up as we charge a fee for a wasted truck visit if we arrive and the pole is still connected.



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